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Jo has had many years' experience of teaching percussion in schools. As a peripatetic percussion teacher, she has taught individual lessons and run numerous percussion ensembles, incorporating a wide range of instruments and styles of music. She also ran rhythm-based workshops with her group Tapatak for a number of years, as well as African Drumming workshops with djembes, dun duns, shekeres and song. Jo’s workshops can be flexible in order to suit your school day. Usually the sessions are for one class at a time - the length varies depending the type of workshop and the requirements of the school. Often Jo will do a short demonstration/introduction in an assembly at the beginning of the day, and/or a sharing/performance at the end of the day where some of the classes perform what they have learnt.

Current workshops:
  • Spoons
    Check out the Spoons page for more details! The Spoons Workshops can be linked to cross curricular projects such as: Victorian England/WW1 (with Old Time Music Hall songs); Appalachian American/Irish music; junk percussion/re-using/recycling; kitchen/culinary themes (links with cookery/healthy eating); World Book Day etc. Do get in touch if you have any suggestions for cross curricular projects.
  • Kitchen-inspired percussive workshops in collaboration with Bessy Bass!
    New for 2018! Jo is collaborating with bass player May Halyburton in delivering kitchen inspired percussive workshops following on from the launch of Bessy’s new ebook. The workshops incorporate spoons, washboards, pans, kitchen basses and more! Bessy's Kitchen Percussion Workshops
  • African Drumming and Percussion
    Jo has spent a number of years running West African Drumming workshops in schools, having studied with teachers both in the UK and in Senegal. She no longer runs these sessions regularly but sometimes runs workshops for specific projects using a mix of djembes, dun duns, balafons and a range of hand-held percussion.
  • Classroom Percussion
    Jo has been involved in a number of projects using classroom percussion, looking at different techniques, and layering rhythms, for often under-used instruments such as tambourines and triangles! She has also been involved in drama projects using classroom percussion instruments to create soundscapes to enhance the storyline. She plans to develop these types of sessions more in the future. Watch this space for more details! Or get in touch if you have a specific project in mind for your school.

Jo has been DBS checked.

Please get in touch if you'd like more information and costs.

Thank you both so much for a truly fantastic day! We all thoroughly enjoyed your sessions and I feel our children are so lucky to have had the opportunity to experience your workshop. We all admired the level of enthusiasm you managed to maintain throughout the day too (and in this heat!) - well done! ...Aside from the rhythms, sounds, skills they learnt in playing the spoons you covered just about every 'physical' objective there is going: body awareness/bilateral integration/crossing the imaginary midline/hand-eye coordination/hand dominance/muscular strength/sensory processing and so it goes on!

Anna Clow (École Internationale Bilingue, Paris)

spoon playing workshops
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